To keep your chest the elastic and it skin beautiful - you needed massage. Few people know that the massage of the female breast is very useful.

Doing massage a few minutes a day, do not worry about breast health in the future. Breast Care incredibly important!

We have gathered a few days ago in a cafe, sat and talked and decided to do few blogs. What came out of it you can see from the following links:


If you wandered to this page and, at some point in time, this topic will be actual for you - whether you're male or female, try think and sincerely answer on a complex question: "How I came to betrayal?".

An article about the kinds of facial massage. About facial massage you can learn here.

Careful and correct care for the scalp can slow the aging process. One way to keep the skin in tonus - facial massage. It can be performed on all areas of the head.


Thai erotic massage

Each of us wants to be completely healthy and full of vitality, to feel the harmony and balance in the body.  Achieve and then maintain this condition for many years it’s a pretty difficult task, but can be simplified and still have fun. To help us come the Thai culture in which skills of alternative medicine available to everyone, honed over centuries.

The uniqueness of Thai massage is to work with the energy channels and methods of influence on them, as a result of his regular practice is a healthy body and spirit.

Techniques that are built Thai massage:

Pressing. This method is fundamental and consists in pressing on the soft tissues. Pressing runs fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. Its strength increases gradually. If great force given the impact time should be limited to avoid cause discomfort and painful effect.

Stretching. This technique is aims to increase the joint mobility and improve the elasticity of the muscles. One must be very careful that, when using this method, not hurt people. Do not apply excessive force at the start of stretch, even though it begins with the maximum impact that will gradually decrease. Twisting is similarly to this reception.

Try regularly Thai erotic massage practice. And know that it is most effective when it makes a masseur therapist with great experience.

Thai massage. Master class from Michael Mamkin

Ancient Thai Massage

Perfect video with Hetaera.net.

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