To keep your chest the elastic and it skin beautiful - you needed massage. Few people know that the massage of the female breast is very useful.

Doing massage a few minutes a day, do not worry about breast health in the future. Breast Care incredibly important!

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If you wandered to this page and, at some point in time, this topic will be actual for you - whether you're male or female, try think and sincerely answer on a complex question: "How I came to betrayal?".

An article about the kinds of facial massage. About facial massage you can learn here.

Careful and correct care for the scalp can slow the aging process. One way to keep the skin in tonus - facial massage. It can be performed on all areas of the head.


Cup massage. Mechanism of Action, in which cases Cup massage is effective, contra.

Cup massage has a reflex influence. The mechanism of this effect is that a cup shall focus hemorrhage, and breakdown products of blood and tissue irritates the nerve receptors in the skin. The result is what is called a "diversionary therapy": in the nerve roots and spinal cord motor segment improves circulation, reduces swelling and inflammation.

For cup massage, you can use medical cups. Painful area on the back smeared with petroleum jelly or warm vegetable oil and then injected into the cups for 1-2 seconds lit "torch" (soaked in ether or alcohol swab on the web), and quickly applied to the skin a cup. After that, the "suck" cup a smooth, gliding motion drive up and down the long back muscles along the spine and intercostal spaces "in the direction away from the spine outwards.". Cup massage first made on the side of the back where the pain is less, and then - on the other side. The duration of this procedure is typically 5-7 minutes, and stop it when the skin appears stable even redness. We can not allow that after cup massage on the body remained bruised.

Cup massage

Cup massage is effective not only in osteochondrosis, but also for muscular pain, myositis, neuritis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, subacute pneumonia and other diseases.

Cup massage is contraindicated in skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis), malignant and benign tumors, large pigmented spots on the site of exposure. Contraindicated it in the acute stage of osteoarthritis, acute pain, as it causes overstimulation, increased swelling and inflammation in the nerve roots. In most cases, cup massage is recommended for subacute states, as well as in chronic osteochondrosis. Although there are times when cupping massage, applied in the first hours after the onset of pain, has a reflex influence so powerful that the pathological process is interrupted and the patient recovers after the first procedure. But these cases are rare.

"Spine" P. Bragg

Cups massage

Perfect massage video on hetaera.net.

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