To keep your chest the elastic and it skin beautiful - you needed massage. Few people know that the massage of the female breast is very useful.

Doing massage a few minutes a day, do not worry about breast health in the future. Breast Care incredibly important!

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An article about the kinds of facial massage. About facial massage you can learn here.

Careful and correct care for the scalp can slow the aging process. One way to keep the skin in tonus - facial massage. It can be performed on all areas of the head.


An article about the kinds of facial massage. About facial massage you can learn here.

Hygienic massage

Hygienic massage keeps the skin of face and neck in a healthy condition, and helps prevent premature wrinkles. Massaging the movement produced a straight line, circular and zigzagging. Each method should be repeated 3-5 times.

Preventive massage

Preventive massage involves cryoprocedure. Means of cryomassage is the snow of carbonic acid. After using this snow the skin comes redness, which results in improved blood circulation and increasing oxygen delivery.

Preventive cosmetic massage can be done only rubbing. Cryomassage is recommended using for loose, flabby, spongy, wrinkled and oily skin. This massage helps reduce sebaceous excretions.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the skin and is performed with greater intensity than hygienic massage.

Plastic massage

Plastic massage is performed by energetic and rhythmic techniques that are produced in the direction of massage lines.

After the massage the skin treated with lotion or decoction of herbs, then nourishing mask is applied.

Video: "Head Massage & Chest MassageTherapy Lymph Drainage"

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