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"Hetaera" it is a salon of Erotic Massage in the Kiev center!
Incall & Outcall services are available!

Erotic massage in Kiev

Body Massage Salon, also named Erotic Massage Parlor, or SPA, it is a great place for leisure for adult persons.
Usually in such places client can get legitimate erotic services without penetration, services like a naked body massage and additions like striptease or lesbian show. In this place, as a rule, services are performed by naked girls, and most of the programs have Happy Ending.
Most people who have tried erotic massage can never stop and rarely or often again and again ask about this service, and it does not matter whether it is done by a loved one or a masseuse from the salon.
So if you are in Kiev, or plan to visit this city, be sure to try erotic massage in our salon. Be HAPPY!


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Each of our massage programs can be completed with Special Erotic Additions! See them below!


5 Most Desirable For Both Genders Additions to Massages

Do not forget to try our additions with our programs of massage!


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